Friday, August 27, 2010

lupo (original pattern)

While on a leisurely walk with Rupert the other day I saw a young man wearing a knitted hat speed by on his bike.  I gasped in shock and delight.  I was a little taken aback by the very sight of a knitted accessory - I feel as though it's been months since I've seen anyone sport one - especially in August!  Then, walking down another block a few minutes later I saw an impossibly Brooklyn-chic girl walking in the opposite direction wearing a big, voluminous, hand-knit silk scarf.  I think I may have let loose the teensiest squeal at the sight of that one.  Sure, we may have only been granted a few days respite from the summer weather, allowing us to add a layer or two, but that's okay by me.  I'll take it.  It was a promise of the amazingness that is to come, which is Autumn in New York.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for fall.  Cannot.  Even.  Wait.  I am over the summer's heat & humidity and am positively giddy over the very idea of donning jackets, hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, and other such layers!!  So in honor of the promise of cooler weather to come, I wanted to post another original pattern, my Lupo beret.

It's a fairly easy, quick knit - and the perfect accessory to help usher out the warmer weather and fashionably welcome the cooler weather!  It sports a ribbed band, classic & lovely seed stitch, and an open work swirl pattern which doubles as the decrease for the top...

A note about the name of this beret: I came up with the pattern while on the set of Law & Order almost two years ago.  I was playing a small Co-Star role and as is custom with TV gigs, I had a lot of down time in my trailer waiting to be called to set.  I have to admit that was a bit nervous, so I brought along my favorite yarn and distracted myself with my favorite stitch, seed stitch.  It's amazing how knitting calms one's nerves, and by the end of shooting, I had this lovely beret!  

I decided to name it "Lupo" in honor of Jeremy Sisto's character on the show, whom I had my scene with... and "Lupo" seemed a better name for a hat pattern than "Bernard," the name of the other detective I was doing a scene with. (Smile.)  So, without further ado, I give you Lupo!  I hope you enjoy it - and please, do let me know what you think!  I'd love to hear from you...

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miriam pultro said...

downloaded it right away!! i want one for fall (which i, also, can't wait for)


Mark Allen Renfrow said...

I LOVE seed stitch. And I totally grinned when I got off the train this afternoon because a woman had a knitted hat on. I've just started my own holiday knitting and got the 'emergency' hat finished and set aside incase I've forgotten anyone.

I love this hat!

Drop Stitches Not Bombs said...

I love it! This may well be warming my head this winter! And so generous of you to offer it for free. Seeing people wearing knits always gladdens my heart too!